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A company that believes in the modernization of Montreal through rental property development.

Our vision

Improve Montreal’s quality of life through the establishment of modern and sustainable rental properties.


We distinguish ourselves by developing meaningful relationships with our renters and partners alike.

Our references

Our experience

A good understanding of the regional market and the needs of Montrealers allows the VisionDev team to lead its own growth. Our maintenance, management and renovation capacities allow us to preserve our city’s building stock and ensure development that is sustainable.  

Our expertise

Market Research

Our network allows us to find opportunities in the fastest growing sectors.


Our purchase offers are at market price; basing our decisions on potential future value.

improvements & ReNOVATIONS

A positive experience for our tenants requires good preventive maintenance of our buildings and the improvement and renovation of living spaces.


Concierge, security and cleaning services are always implemented in our buildings.

Real estate development

Creation of sustainable spaces; conducive to interactions between citizens and to the development of the region’s economy.

rental management

Our emphasis on internal management allows us to better meet the needs of our customers.

An active collaboration

An old proverb says: « Alone we go faster, but together we go further. » It is for this reason that VisionDev is working with other partners and investors to join forces and complete each project.


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